Author Update

“What’s in a name?”

Okay, so for those of you who don’t know, I’ve spent the last five months working on my latest book with Tule Publishing.

Now before y’all get too excited, this is not an instillation from my first three books in the Willow Creek Series. Now get re-excited because this is a brand-new story with brand-new characters in a brand-new town. (Think coastal Georgia…because I am a GA girl who loves her home-state unconditionally!)

Also for those of you who don’t know, I can be kind of terrible at picking out names. If the title doesn’t come to me instantly and effortlessly–like Keeping Score and Daring To Fall–then it’s like I am incapable of coming up with any decent ideas whatsoever. Risking It All took me literally weeks brainstorming, four working titles, and an entire team of VERY PATIENT angels editors before finally landing a good title.

This book, which I’ve been tentatively calling The Wedding Planner Rivalry, or WPR for short, has had an elusive title as well. No matter how long or hard I thought on it, I got…nada.

That is until my editor Julie and the wonderful team at Tule put their heads together and came up with the perfect title–for real, I contributed absolutely nothing for this book naming short of giving my stamp of approval. You know what that means…

We’ve got a title, people!

So, here’s the first look at the title and a brief description of my latest book coming soon from Tule Publishing:

Coming soon: The Wedding Planner Playbook
by Shannon Stults

After ten years as a wedding planner at one of the top firms in Atlanta, Tori Schaefer has moved to Bedland Shores to take over her mother’s wedding planning business and make an even bigger name for herself. While scoping out the work of a rival business in town, Tori runs into Wyatt Rhoades, a charming, handsome, and slightly dorky camera-wielding stranger. The two have an instant connection, one that leaves Tori daydreaming about more than her next big client.

Until Tori learns that not only is Wyatt the rival wedding planner but that they will be competing to land biggest event this town has ever seen. Their challenge: two weeks to find a venue and plan the perfect wedding to be held in only three months. Tori is determined to keep Wyatt at a safe, professional distance, but the more time they spend together the harder it gets to stay away. Will Tori continue to put her ambitions first? Or will she let Wyatt in, possibly putting her new business—as well as her heart—in jeopardy?

Is anyone else as excited for this as I am? No release date yet, but trust me when I say that I will be sharing it as soon as I know.

In the meantime, make sure you’re following me on Facebook and Instagram if you’re not already. I’ll be sharing more info and sneak peeks and fun little tidbits as we go a long.

The Wedding Planner Playbook.

Sure has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Let me know what you think of the new title in the comments!

All the love,

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