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obliviousPerfectly Oblivious
by Robin Daniels

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The day Cameron Bates moved in across the street from Bianca Barnes, both their lives changed forever. Bonding instantly over basketball, the two have been best friends ever since. But basketball isn’t the only thing they have in common. There’s also that business about each of them being secretly in love with their best friend.

Bianca (Bebe) has learned from years of experience that the second she admits any sort of crush or feelings for any guy, it’s only a matter of time before he comes knocking on the door intent on asking our her smart and beautiful sister, Beth. No wonder she’s sworn to take her feelings for Cam to the grave.

Cam wants nothing more than to tell Bebe about his feelings. But after years of teasing and playful flirting, if she hasn’t figured it out yet there’s a pretty good chance that she’s just not interested. And he’s certain that if he spills the beans now and she doesn’t reciprocate, their friendship would be ruined forever. And with Bebe convinced that no guy would ever pick her over her sister, what he really needs is a plan to show Bebe that she is just as desirable as her, if not more so.

And so begins Operation Bebe’s Secret Admirer…yeah, I did just make that up.


1) Cam does a lot for this girl, some amazing gestures that any girls would be lucky to be the object of (she says, realizing full and well how jealous she sounds of a fictional character). So when she finds out–not really a spoiler because, come on, we all know it will happen eventually–her reaction annoyed the tar out of me. Seriously, I still don’t fully understand what was going on in her head to make her so angry aside from self-destructive behavior. Not to mention she’s really insecure thanks to her sister, which I get but also found annoying sometimes.


1) I love the best friend guy, always have. And Cam is really the cream of the crop. His love for Bebe is so obvious to everyone else, that it makes your heart grow even more for him. And the two are adorable together. Great chemistry, and I can’t help but want to watch Love and Basketball every time I think about it.


I mean seriously, one of the best movies EVER!!

2) While the whole secret admirer angle isn’t new, the extent he goes to to make her feel loved and appreciated is beyond. These gestures could easily take a turn for the cliche, but each one is unique and fresh and just downright adorable.

3) Page-turner. I didn’t want to put it down. And I was giggling the whole way through.

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